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Our Facade Design

With over 40 years of building experience, we know the importance of ensuring homes are designed to complement the areas in which you will live and your personal taste. That’s why we have three different façade options that allow you to express your style and personality. From a modern Australian take on the Hamptons, to an ultra-modern finish or a design that evokes a sense of timelessness and warmth, our facades are just another way to personalise your home with ease. 

Osprey Facade

A modern Australian take on the classic Hamptons style, the Osprey façade emulates the perfect marriage of elegance and relaxation. The Osprey draws on the iconic style synonymous with the laid back luxury of the US East Coast Hamptons area. Key design highlights of the façade are its pronounced roof line, gabled façade and striking features that create a perfect coastal lifestyle.

Hamilton Facade

Classic and warm, the Hamilton façade is the Arkadian Homes standard façade and comes with its own unique style. Characterised by its broad lines and extended eaves that really evoke a sense of timeless elegance, the Hamilton is the epitome of homeliness and detailed brick quality.

Hudson Facade

If you are looking for a home design with an edge, the Hudson is your answer with an ultra-modern façade that will set the design trend on your street. Keeping true to contemporary design aesthetic, this façade draws on glass, timber and masonry finishes elevating your home design and setting you apart. Here you can add an extra touch of class for that luxury home feel.

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